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Water cannon bought by Boris Johnson sold for fraction of the cost

Three water cannon bought and refurbished for more than £320,000 while Boris Johnson was London Mayor have been sold for just £11,025.

London's former Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Stephen Greenhalgh with one of the water cannon Credit: Twitter/Stephen Greenhalgh

Current Mayor Sadiq Khan announced on Monday that "we have managed to finally get rid of them" as it was revealed they had been sold to a firm that will dismantle them and export the parts.

The machines were bought by Mr Johnson from Germany in 2014 - crucially before their use had been licensed on the UK mainland.

Credit: GLA

Then-Home Secretary Theresa May banned their use in riot situations in 2015, and later used the purchase to ridicule Mr Johnson in the Tory leadership race after David Cameron resigned.

The machines cost £322,000 to buy second-hand and then refit - including £32,004 for low emission zone compliance, £19,035 for re-painting, £3,109.20 for signage, and £970.50 for the fitting of radios and CD players.

They have now been sold to Nottinghamshire-based Reclamations (Ollerton) Ltd, who will dismantle them and export the parts.

Credit: GLA

For too long, London taxpayers have had to bear the brunt of Boris Johnson's appalling botched water cannon deal. This has been another waste of taxpayers' money by Boris Johnson.

Londoners continue to live with his vanity. I am pleased we have managed to finally get rid of them and I made an election promise to Londoners that I would claw back as much of this cash as possible, and pump it into helping young people at risk of being affected by crime and giving them better life opportunities.


The sale was announced as details were revealed of 72 youth projects that will receive the latest round of grants from the Young Londoners Fund.

The schemes, aimed at diverting young people away from crime, will receive a share of £13.2 million and include the Ben Kinsella Trust, Redthread and Football Beyond Borders.