DJ Blackburn opens up about London mugging

DJ Tony Blackburn has revealed that he fought off muggers and was kicked in the head in a "horrible" ordeal in London.

The veteran broadcaster, 75, said the incident occurred about three years ago.

He spoke about what happened after Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid revealed that she chased a knife-wielding man who tried to mug her.

"I was also mugged about three years ago in London," Blackburn wrote on Twitter.

"I was attacked by three people, knocked to the ground, kicked in the head.

"Blood was everywhere and I fought back and they didn't get my phone. It's a horrible thing to happen."

Reid previously described how she "acted on instinct" and saw a "red mist" when she chased a man who took her handbag some years ago.

"I got mugged once by a guy with a knife and my instinct was to run after him," the 47-year-old said on the ITV show.

"It's not rational and obviously it was dangerous. He got scared and dropped my bag."

Susanna Reid openly discussed having her bag stolen. Credit: PA

She revealed: "He slashed my bag off me and cut through my coat. I was incandescent...

"He took the cash out of my bag, but I got the bag back, which was obviously broken, I got my phone, I got my keys, I got everything else."

She was unable to pick the man out in an identity parade and he was never brought to justice.

Reid said the incident had a "traumatic effect" on her and later tweeted that she would not suggest anyone does the same, saying: "Not sure it was brave. Was acting on instinct. Wouldn't recommend."

Blackburn's spokesman told the Press Association his experience occurred a few years ago "outside Radio 2 over the Christmas period after one of his shows".

"He doesn't want to draw attention to himself. He tweeted to support Susanna Reid," he said.