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Charlotte Brown's family 'feeling cheated' after first date speedboat death

A father has pleaded with police to find the man who killed his daughter on a date.

It's been three years since Jack Shepherd took Charlotte Brown out for the evening and killed her in a speedboat crash on the River Thames.

He was found guilty of her manslaughter five months ago but is yet to spend a single night in jail because he's on the run.

Jack Shepherd Credit: Met Police

Charlotte's dad Graham has been speaking publicly for the very first time, telling ITV News London his family feels "cheated".

This is the third Christmas we've been without Charlotte and the pain doesn't go away. You deal with it better as time goes on.

It feels like we've been cheated. My daughter was the most beautiful soul. And the fact Shepherd still hasn't been able to atone for what he's done has left the family in a void and makes us feel cheated.

We would like him to 'man up'. I do not find it credible that non of his family, friends - no body seems to know where he is and he's just disappeared.

Somebody must know where he is, they need to examine their conscience.

– GRAHAM BROWN, Charlotte Brown's father

The family's MP is backing their campaign and has arranged a meeting with the Home Secretary.

It's important we maintain the pressure. I know the police are continuing to look at what leads there are. I look forward to seeing the Home Secretary with the family to underline the need to bring Jack Shepherd to justice.

– JAMES BROKENSHIRE, Conservative, Old Bexley & Sidcup

Rest assured to my dying day I will pursue this and highlight this and go to whoever I can to get help to ensure you are found and you do your sentence. I will not forget it - I will not forget him until he is in custody.

– GRAHAM BROWN, Charlotte Brown's father