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Exclusive first-look at Grenfell's campaign video from the victims and famous names calling for change

ITV News London has an exclusive first-look at the Grenfell campaign video from the victims and famous names calling for change.

Grenfell campaign video

18 months after the fire there is still a strong sense of injustice in north Kensington. And with the inquiry now on hold for a year, it will be some time before they know just who and what is to blame for the fire.

Stormzy in the Grenfell campaign video

The campaign video made by survivors and and their supporters calls for the whole country to never forget Grenfell and urges us learn lessons from the disaster.

We are approaching the second Christmas since our loved ones died at Grenfell but we’ve seen little change on the ground and people around the country are still living in buildings with dangerous cladding. Too often, people in social housing are treated with indifference by people who have a duty to care for them.

Dangerous cladding needs to be taken off buildings and we need a new regulator for social housing to reform the system so people are listened to and treated with respect.

We lost our loved ones but it’s not too late for others. We can’t sit back while there is a risk another tragedy like Grenfell could happen again - that’s why we’re fighting for national change.

– Karim Mussilhy, vice-chair of Grenfell United

Opening the video, Stormzy says: "This is not a charity film, it is a clarity film."

Families and supporters say: "We are not asking for money, we are not asking for sympathy, we are demanding change. Change so families up and down country are safe in their homes. Change so that people, no matter where they live, are treated with dignity and respect."

Watch the video in full below