Hundreds of sausage dogs, and owners, dress up for Hyde Park Christmas walk

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Hundreds of sausage dogs and their owners dressed up in festive clothing for a Christmas walk.

The group of around 500 dogs, also known as Dachshunds, came in outfits including Father Christmas jackets, festive jumpers and tinsel.

Several owners were wearing jumpers with 'Dachshund through the snow' stitched on the front.

The pets and their owners defied the brisk December chill over the weekend in London's Hyde Park.

Details of the walk previously published online were pulled from the internet in advance of the event by listings website Secret London, who said the decision was based on the huge amount of interest organisers had received.

We have a Christmas special or a Halloween special. This one, we expect, is going to be the biggest. It is a growing group.

Ana Rodriguez, organiser

While most of the sausage dogs looked to be thoroughly enjoying socialising, several scraps broke out among the Dachshunds which required owners to pull them apart.

Thomas Brand, 32, who brought his dog Teddy, said:

We love how many people are here. Everyone seems really happy and Teddy really loves it.

Thomas Brand