Teen jailed for sharing graphic terror videos and keeping instructions on how to make bombs

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A teenager who talked about carrying out a terror attack with a knife or acid has been jailed for three years and four months.

Islamic State fan Sudesh Amman, 18, pleaded guilty to having and distributing terrorist documents.

His stash of manuals on bomb-making, knife-fighting and close combat included the titles Bloody Brazilian Knife Fighting and How to Make A Bomb In Your Kitchen.

Amman, of Harrow, north-west London, posted al-Qaeda propaganda on a family WhatsApp group, exposing siblings as young as 11 to graphic material. He also shared bomb-making literature on Skype.

The North West London College student jotted down how to make explosives and outlined his "goal" to be a martyr in a notebook, the Old Bailey heard.

BB Gun found in the home of Sudesh Amman Credit: Met Police

Police were alerted by a Dutch blogger who identified extremist material in a Telegram chat in April. There was a photo of a knife and two firearms on a Shahada flag bearing Arabic words which mean "armed and ready".

The blogger thought the same person also posted a YouTube link to a pro-gay rights speaker at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, the court heard.Police linked the online post to Amman and arrested him in May.

In a search of his family home, officers seized an air gun, a black flag and a combat knife.

Last month, Amman entered guilty pleas to six charges of possession and seven of disseminating terrorism documents. Amman denied three charges, which were ordered to lie on court file.

The science and maths student had previous convictions for possession of an offensive weapon and cannabis.

He was aged just 17 when he began collecting terrorist material in 2017.

Sudesh Amman smiled and waved at the public gallery as he was sent to jail.

Acting Commander Alexis Boon, head of the Metropolitan Police Counter Terrorism Command, said Amman had a "fierce interest in violence and martyrdom".