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'We fought the law and won': Upskirting to be made a crime in England and Wales

Campaigner Gina Martin has won her fight to make so-called 'upskirting' a crime.

'Upskirter' caught on security camera at the Tandem Centre at Colliers Wood Credit: Met Police

The House of Lords backed the bill to ban secretly filming or taking photos under people's clothes. The new law will carry a maximum penalty of two years in prison.

Gina Martin, 26, campaigned to ban upskirting after becoming the victim at a music festival in Hyde Park in 2017.

She discovered that the practice was not a crime and started a campaign to change the law.

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House of Lords member Shami Chakrabarti praised Martin's tenacity.

I pay tribute to the campaigner Gina Martin, whose original indignity was converted into a powerful campaign to do something important that we can all agree on.

– Shami Chakrabarti

The law will take effect when approved by the Queen, a formality known as Royal Assent.

A Conservative MP who blocked the bill insisted he supported the law. Sir Christopher Chope said he didn't approve of the parliamentary procedure rather than the law itself.

The law will apply in England and Wales. The practice is already banned in Scotland.

London should be the safest city in the world for women and girls. Having long supported calls for upskirting to become a criminal offence, this news is welcome and Gina Martin deserves recognition for an excellent campaign.