Newham charity project helps mums and their children get back on their feet

Magpie Project

The London borough of Newham has England's highest number of homeless people.

According to the housing charity, Shelter it's estimated that one in every 24 are living in insecure housing.

That's more than 14,500 living in temporary accommodation.

An award winning charity, the Magpie Project, is helping mums and children under the age of five to build their lives again.

A lot of the mums visiting the centre are living in temporary accommodation with no where for their children to play.

Mums who visit the Magpie Project can get housing advice and the support that they need.

Whilst their children have a chance to play in a place that cares.

The centre looks after mums like Dupe Daniyen

Dupe is originally from Nigeria.

She became one of the borough's hidden homeless, while waiting for the government to grant her leave to remain.

At the time, she was pregnant and struggling to put food on the table for her child.

Dupe Daniyen, Mum

The Magpie project gave Dupe the help that she had been waiting for.

She's now living in a four bedroom house and started volunteering at the centre.

Mum and volunteer at Magpie Project

But there are still many mums who are struggling and need help.

Although the Magpie Project is a safe space for children to play and somewhere to have a hot lunch.

What the centre cannot guarantee is a secure place to live.

It can only help point mums in the right direction.

Magpie Project

Newham's Mayor said she fully supports the Magpie Project, but admits it shouldn't have to be there.

Rokhsana Fiaz, Mayor of Newham

As well as providing respite for mums, the centre also runs a baby bank, which gives out nappies to those who cannot afford to buy new ones.

Baby bank at Magpie Project

Sam Ward, the Volunteering Manager at the Magpie Project helps run the baby bank every two weeks.