London's fire chief says she stands by her controversial testimony to the Grenfell Inquiry, insisting she would not change a thing about the way crews responded.

Commissioner Dany Cotton's statement upset some, with survivors group Grenfell United calling her comments "disrespectful".

Speaking for the first time since appearing at the Grenfell Inquiry Dany Cotton said crews did everything they could on the night.

What I said was in relation to what we had to deal with on the night and the way the building behaved. I think it's absolutely right that the inquiry will look at the whole process around not just our response but more importantly how the building came to be in that state because the building should never, ever have had that cladding on and had the lack of provisions for those people inside. And that's what the inquiry need to look into - the whole building not just London Fire Brigade's response.

Commissioner Dany Cotton, London Fire Brigade

71 people died in the fire in June last year with a 72nd victim dying months later.

Dany Cotton said the brigade had changed a number of procedures since the disaster.

We've introduced new equipment - like our smoke escape hoods. We've got drones online now that we didn't have the facility to have before. So we are learning and training all the time. We're sorry we couldn't save more people - don't think I don't think about that constantly. And don't think I'm not campaigning tirelessly for things like sprinklers which we know save lives. That's the important thing now - to make sure no community ever suffers that again.

Commissioner Dany Cotton, London Fire Brigade