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100 years before The Met has same ethnic mix as the population it serves, says HR boss

HR bosses at the Met Police say it will take 100 years before it has the same ethnic mix as the population it serves.

Currently, 14% of Met officers are from black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds - 16% among PCs, then less than 10% for higher ranks, up to chief officers where the proportion is 4%.

Black, Asian and minority ethnic background officers and staff are more likely to resign from the force or raise grievances. And the Met's HR department found that it would take a century to match the proportions of the population of London if it continued to recruit at current rates.

According to data from the 2011 Census, 40.2% of London residents identified as Black, Asian, Mixed or Other ethnic group.

For many the progress is too slow. Some would say that we need to do more than we have done, particularly in terms of our recruitment and representation. If we continue, even with the great progress we've made, it would take over 100 years to be representative of London.

– Clare Davies, Met Police head of HR

The force wants to boost recruitment of BAME officers by another 250 per year.

Ms Davies and force chief Cressida Dick spoke to journalists to mark 20 years since the publication of the damning Macpherson report, which branded the force institutionally racist.

Commissioner Ms Dick said the 1999 report into the aftermath of the black teenager's murder had "defined my generation of policing". She said she does not believe the force is now institutionally racist.