Three designers have reimagined the 'Baby on Board' badges to help expectant mums feel more visible on public transport.

They will be an alternative to the badges made and given out free by Transport for London.

The alternative badges, offered by a family activity app, are available in six different designs, by three different designers.

The two badges designed by Marion Deuchars

Illustrator and mum of two Marion Deuchars thought back to her own pregnancies when coming up with her concepts.

The first features her signature hand lettering in bright red whilst the second shows a cartoon stork carrying a bab.

I wanted to create designs that were striking and fun and importantly, attractive enough that you'd want to wear. One of the things I remember about travelling whilst pregnant was that vulnerability; the fear of having a briefcase accidentally swung into me, or someone squashing me against a door. You can't have a warning sign or flashing lights on your pregnant tummy, and sometimes many women don't have a big bump, so being drawn to an eye-catching badge is a good alternative.

Marion Deuchars, Illustrator
The Duchess of Cambridge was presented with a Baby on Board badge in 2015

The badges were created after research by the app Hoop showed that nearly half of pregnant women in London (45 per cent) have felt overlooked on public transport in London.

Many pregnant women feel overlooked when using busy public transport Credit: PA

The badges have been issued in time for Mother's Day on Sunday. They are available free via Hoop.

Ellie Thomas' designs show pregnant women using transport