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Artist Charlotte Reed beats depression by turning thoughts and feelings into best selling book

When Charlotte Reed's depression became too much to bear she decided to give alternative therapies a try.

She began doodling her thoughts and feelings and then began sharing them online. Fast forward a few years and Charlotte has just released her second illustrated book.

Credit: Charlotte Reed
Credit: Charlotte Reed

Her fans include George Osborne, Natalie Imbruglia and even the King of Malaysia.

Just a few years ago, struggling with depression, she was finding it hard to see a way out.

Everything felt very strange like I was in a dream - like I wasn't really here - like I wasn't really existing - a black hole that I couldn't get out of and I started having severe anxiety alongside that, panic attacks, and not able to breathe properly - my thoughts were racing I had terrible headaches.

I just thought I can't cope anymore, I can't live like this - I want to live but I can't live in this condition. And that's when I was thinking about ending things.

– Charlotte Reed

It was then she sought help from her family and began getting the support she needed. As part of Charlotte's recovery she put pen to paper writing a book filled with positive messages and illustrations. Inititally self-published it soon became a best seller.

She sells her work on her stall at Portobello Market.

Coming to the market gives me such a focus because I'm here three days a week. And it's nice - it's just like going to an office and having all your workmates but not sitting behind a computer.

– Charlotte Reed

Charlotte has now written her second book where she talks about her journey so far to inspire others to speak out.

'My Path To Happy', the second book, because it's a memoir and it's a story I think it's really important that people get to understand what I went through behind the book to actually give them hope if they're struggling with a mental illness. They can also get through and lead a happy life.

– Charlotte Reed

There are even talks of a film in the pipeline.