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People living near Southend Airport protest about commercial jets at the bottom of their gardens

Anyone who lives near an airport knows that the drone of the planes taking off and landing is the soundtrack to every day life - but for some living in Southend in Essex, the planes are far too close for comfort.

A new taxiing strip means up to 50 aircraft a day now pass right by their garden fences. As you would imagine, they're not pleased.

Alex and June Carr say that the recent upgrade means they're having to endure dozens of planes a day coming within 150 feet of their property.

Alex and June Carr in their garden in Southend

The problem is getting worse - the smell is horrendous. When we're eating outside at the bottom of the garden you can't really hear yourself talk.

It's the smell, it's the pollution that really worries us.

– Alex and June Carr

The couple say that when they bought their property planes used another part of the airport.

But after a former runway strip was reopened in 2017, aircraft now taxi past their garden fence from 6am until 11pm.

It's like buying a house next to a footpath that has now become a motorway. And they would say, 'that footpath was always there'.

– Alex and June Carr

The airport said it's holding regular meetings with residents and is investigating measures to reduce noise.