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Climate change protestors say more disruption planned for later in the year

Protestors glued to the road in Fleet Street Photo: ITN

As 10 days of disruptive climate change protests in London start to draw to a close, organisers have told ITV News London that more are planned for the autumn.

Speaking to reporter Martin Stew, an Extinction Rebellion organiser said that there would be a break of a few months to allow participants to rest and plan, before 'even bigger' protests get underway in the autumn.

The recent action in London is due to conclude with a rally at 5pm in Hyde Park. But there has already been siginificant disruption today.

During the morning several protestors glued themselves to the road in Fleet Street. Police have made at least four arrests.

Traffic was stopped from using Fleet Steet this morning. Credit: ITN

Extinction Rebellion activists also glued themselves to the London Stock Exchange in the City, and climbed on top of a train in a final day of protests.

Protestors glued themselves to the entrance of the London Stock Exchange. Credit: PA

Today's actions are the last in a series held over recent days. Blockages at Parliament Square and Marble Arch are due to be lifted later.