Shocking video shows car hitting cyclist and driving off

Shocking images shows Josh being knocked off his bike

Shocking footage obtained by a medical student who was hit by a car shows the car driving on the wrong side of the road before hitting him head on.

22-year-old Josh was riding his bike on Swains Lane near Hampstead Heath on Easter Sunday when he was hit by the convertible BMW.

After sending Josh flying over the top of the car, the driver and his passenger drive off without stopping, leaving Josh serioulsy injured lying in the road.

Josh suffered a life threatening brain bleed, but has since started to recover. His nose was broken in several places and he has a serious injury to one knee.

He had been due to sit exams this month.

He told the Ham&High newspaper: 'I was just hit with such force.

'I remember waking up in hospital and just asking what on earth happened, and where was my bike? I was so confused.'He was on the wrong side of the road.

'I could even see the guy's face – it looks like he's smiling like it's just a normal day. He hit a cyclist and ran.'

Police told Josh to recover any CCTV himself. They are now investigating what happened, but no arrests have yet been made. They are appealing for anyone with any information to call 101.