A pensioner who was pushed into a brick wall and knocked unconscious says his injuries were so bad his wife thought he was dead.

Paul Eva was the victim of an apparent road rage attack as he walked near his home in Penge, south east London.

CCTV footage shows the driver of the car shouting at Paul. Moments later he gets out shoves the pensioner to the floor.

Paul pictured in hospital after the attack Credit: Met Police

Mostly I remember him and a woman beside him - she looked really, really angry. The next thing I know I was laying on the pavement and there were paramedics running round all over the place doing this, that and the other. I didn't have a clue what was going on. They kept me in [hospital] overnight and they wanted me to stay another night but I said no. So in the end they let me go.

Paul Eva

Paul said he didn't realise how bad the injuries were until someone showed him a picture, adding he was in a "hell of a state".

She [my wife] thought I was dead. I was covered in blood and goodness knows what. I had mostly a liquid diet since then because my jaw was broken for a week I could only have soup and stuff. I fell straight into a wall - I have no memory of it whatsoever of what happened.

Paul Eva

Despite his ordeal Paul says he is not frightened to live in Penge and would soon bounce back to full health.

I'd like to see him face up to what he's done. I don't hold terrific hope of him actually being caught. They've got the CCTV and they can't make it all out from there. You might have knocked me down - but you haven't knocked me out. I'm determined to overcome it - that's a bit of fighting talk!

Paul Eva

Anyone with information should contact police on 101 and quote CAD 6355/21APR, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111