First female Tube driver honoured

Credit: TfL

The London Underground of the 70s was a man's world, with so few female staff there were no ladies' toilets.

But one woman was to change that. In 1978 former ticket collector Hannah Dadds, who was from Forest Gate, completed a seven week training course, and qualified as driver on the District Line. In doing so she became the first ever female driver on the Underground network.

Hannah's sister Eda followed in her footsteps, and together they became the first all-female crew on the Tube.

Hannah retired in 1993 and moved to Spain. She died of cancer in 2011, surrounded by her family.

Now a plaque has been unveiled in her memory at Upton Park.

Hannah's family attened the unveiling of the plaque at Upton Park Credit: TfL

In a speech at the unveiling of the plaque Hannah's niece Vivian Parsons said her aunt would have been very proud of the honor she has been given:

At the time she did not realise what a big step she took for women but made the most of the opportunity that she was given.

Vivian Parsons' Hannah Dadds' niece