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Farhia Alia: Why I'm proud to wear my headscarf at Miss Universe Great Britain

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A 24-year-old business account manager by day - by July Farhia Ali will be a Miss Universe Great Britain contender.

If she makes it all the way to the Miss Universe finals she will be the first contestant ever to wear one in the competition's 68 year history.

Farhia is already the first contestant in Britain to wear one to the national hunt to find Miss Universe Great Britain.

My friends and family have been very, very supportive especially my parents - my mum and my dad, my close friends. The support has just been incredible, very uplifting and it has me really, really excited for the final show.

I feel like the attention my headscarf is getting is really, really pleasant and I’m really really proud about it especially with all the support and love that I’ve been getting.

So I’m extremely proud of it.

– Farhia Ali

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