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What can London learn from Glasgow? The woman trying to cut violent crime in the capital looks for help in Scotland

London's search for a remedy to knife crime continues. With lives still being lost in the capital some say the time for lessons has passed. But last year Scottish Government figures showed the number of annual homocides had fallen by 39 per cent in ten years.

But the statistics don't tell the full story. What about the crimes that go unreported for example and what do the figures say about the public health approach - this idea that violence is preventable. It's the approach that London is committed to.

Aged 19, Gerry spent six years in prison for three serious assaults with a knife.

Gerry working at cafe project 'Street & Arrow'

I never thought I was going to use it - but I had it on me and that's what happened. So if I never had it on me I would never have used it.

– Gerry

The cafe project 'Street & Arrow' hires people with convictions for twelve month blocks.

What we're having here is people wanting to change their lives and who do change their lives. And it's not just about them it's about their children. So, all of a sudden you've got a son and a daughter seeing their dad or mother not going in and out of jail but actually getting up early to go to work.

We all talk about the cycle and how do we change the cycle - this is a programme that helps to address that.

– Sergeant Dario D'Andrea, Project Lead, Street and Arrow
'Street & Arrow' Cafe Project

Lib Peck is less than six months into her new job - Head of London's Violence Reduction Unit.

It's, in a way, very opportunate that we're up here in Glasgow listening and hearing about the good practice that they've implemented over a ten year programme.

– Lib Peck, Head of London's Violence Reduction Unit

Glasgow is much further along its journey - while London is just at the start with many frustrated it's going to take a long time.

There are things you can do immediately and we shouldn't shy away from. One of the first planks of the violence reduction model in Scotland was a large amount of enforcement.

– Niven Rennie, Violence Reduction Unit Scotland

Gerry describes this project as a second chance - a prospect the Head of the VRU may not have - not when people are desperate for change.