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Building memories: Why West Ham fans are happy to get their bricks back

If you think one of the bricks belongs to you you can find out how to get it back by clicking here.

When West Ham's famous Upton Park stadium was demolished fans feared their wall of fame went with it. The wall was made up bricks individually dedicated by supporters.

But thanks to 17-year-old Hammer, Jonjo Heuerman, many of them have been saved and are being returned to their rightful owners.

Jonjo Heuerman returning bricks to Charlie Bridges

Charlie Bridges thought the bricks were gone forever - there's one for several generations of his family.

Amy-Louise is my oldest granddaughter. Abigail is the youngest one. Charles J Bridges is my dad.

My dad never got to see any of the kids - he died prior to my son being born and obviously the grandchildren.

I suppose they're altogether now. I do miss my dad because all I've got now is this brick.

– Charlie Bridges

He's got the bricks back thanks to Jonjo - his mission to reunite them with their owners.

Thousands of fans bought the bricks which were built into West Ham's old Boleyn Ground and affectionately named the Wall Of Fame.

When the stadium was demolished three years ago the bricks very nearly went with it.

I sat down with mum and I said 'mum we need to do something with these because they can't be demolished, they belong to people.

We got in contact with the demolition company and they ended up giving us about a thousand bricks - a lot more than we expected!

Every single brick has a different story.

– Jonjo Heuerman

Over the past two years Jonjo has returned bricks as far away as Texas and Australia. Many people have donated to charity as a thank you and he's how raised over £5,000 for cancer research.

500 bricks down Jonjo till has another 500 to find homes for all storied in his mum's back garden.

She [my mum] says it's a bit of a pain but I think she does enjoy having them there.

I think she wants to give them back to people as well and do the best we can.

– Jonjo Heuerman