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Bryan Adams: Rock star photographer taking pictures of Big Issues sellers

Not only is Bryan Adams a world famous singer, songwriter, record producer and guitarist - he's also a pretty keen photographer.

The Canadian star's latest project features photos of Big Issue sellers in London. He's released a book of the images with proceeds going to the homeless charity.

Credit: Homeless/Bryan Adams

The whole book project started from a very casual photo session I did for the Big Issue a couple of years ago. I just wanted them to be very real - I wanted the people to look like they look and there was no particular styling involved.

Homeless people it's something we see everyday - we walk by. My message with this book and generally with the whole issue is not to just walk by.

– Bryan Adams
Credit: Homeless/Bryan Adams

The final product may be glossy but the people in the book are real sellers with real problems.

One died before the book was published. Adams said he was glad that he met him.

I'm glad I photographed him, he was a really nice person. He just fell between the cracks. The whole issue of this book is to try and shine a little bit of light into the dark corner of homelessness.

– Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has also captured images of some very famous faces - including The Queen.

Credit: Bryan Adams

It was delightful - it was a really nice experience and a great honour to be fair.

– Bryan Adams

Bryan is still a singer first and foremost - midway through a world tour for his most recent album.