The sister of a Grenfell victim wants to honour all those who lost loved ones or survived the tragedy by compiling a photobook.

Feruza Afewerki is a photographer and her sister, Amal, died on the 19th floor while holding her three-year-old daughter.

After losing my own sister and her own family in the fire I've just been unsatisfied by the wider public not knowing how great this community was and wanting their stories to be out there.

Feruza Afewerki

One of Feruza's first photobook subjects was a neighbour of her sister who escaped from the 16th floor.

Eddie Daffarn wrote a blog that warned of Grenfell's danger before the fire.

Eddie Daffarn being photographed by Feruza Afewerki

With Ed we went bird watching because that's something he liked to do before Grenfell.

Feruza Afewerki

The project for the book is now looking for crowdfunding and all profits will go to mental health services in the community.

Lives have been completely turned upside down and it's important they get the correct and proper support they need to heal and be stronger again after living through this horrendous thing.

Feruza Afewerki