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West End ushers given body cameras to help control audiences

Ushers working in West End theatres have started wearing body cameras to try and stop increasing levels of aggressive behaviour from audiences.

Theatre directors say recording what can be violent situations will help staff feel more empowered and trials show people often back down when they see they're being recorded.

It's definitely something we're hearing more and more reports about, things like fights breaking out, heated debates in theatres.

I think it has been acknowledged that the theatre environment, plus the fact people might be drinking before shows is a factor in making this a scenario in which aggressive or disruptive behaviour might break out.

They're not any specific type of venue or any specific type of show but certainly times of the week where people might be drinking more or shows where you might get big groups in like stag dos or hen dos.

Or shows that fall somewhere between a concert and a theatre production where you might get two different audiences coming in with differing expectations of how each other should behave.

– Georgia Snow, chief reporter, The Stage

The Society of London Theatre has teamed up with a security company to give body cameras to front-of-house staff.

It's been a project for about the last six months and currently there are between thirty and forty cameras across seven West End theatres.

But the interest level is really really high and I think that number will be increasing.

– Calla, body camera comany