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Jodie Chesney death: 'Pay attention to your children', grieving father urges parents

A grieving father from east London is urging parents to 'pay attention to your children'.

Peter Chesney's daughter was murdered in a park in Harold Hill earlier this year. Jodie, aged 17, was sat listening to music with her friends when she was stabbed to death.

Almost five months on her father is setting up a foundation in her name to help educate and support the parents of other young people.

Education in order to prevent - so educating parents, carers as well as children. Lost hours - I think between the hours of 3pm til 6pm a lot of parents don't even know where their kids are. It's about giving them support.

I spend time with anger - don't worry about that, I still do. But it's not something that's going to help. It's only going to destroy you isn't it. Being angry is not going to change anything.

– Peter Chesney

Jodie Chesney was the 13th person to be stabbed to death in London in 2019. She was attacked on March 1st.

Her dad believes it's parents not politicians who have the most power to stop the spiralling number of knife attacks.

Pay attention to your children. Pay attention to where they are. Little things like counting the knives in the drawer. Don't have more knives than you need. Pay attention. Look after your kids and give them attention.

– Peter Chesney

Four people are due to stand trial for Jodie's murder in September. Two men and two boys have denied murder.

More than justice, Jodie's family want things to change.