Who hurled homophobic abuse at LGBT Pride marchers in Walthamstow?

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London mayor Sadiq Khan today urged people to help police identify a woman who hurled homophobic abuse at LGBT Pride marchers.

Scotland Yard said it was treating the outburst in Walthamstow on Saturday as a hate crime.

Videos posted on social media show a woman with her face covered by a niqab shouting ‘shame on you’ as the Pride march made it’s way along Hoe St.

Video from Twitter: @YusufJP_

Police officers were today asking shops and businesses for CCTV footage. Mr Khan said the abuse was disgraceful and unacceptable.

Here in London nobody should be discriminated against because of their sexual identity and it's really important that if anybody has any information about who this woman was, they cooperate with the police. ‘It's frankly disgraceful. This sort of homophobic abusive language is unacceptable in London.