High speed 'boy racers' wreck luxury cars in Chelsea crash

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Residents have demanded action after 'boy racers' wrecked a series of luxury cars in a high speed crash in Chelsea.

People living in upmarket Moore Street say it was an accident waiting to happen. Security camera footage shows two cars speeding along the residential road.

The second, believed to be an Audi 4x4 careers out of control smashing into a parked McLaren, Porsche and Bentley. The Audi appears to roll over after the impact.

Violet Pemberton-Pigott was washing up in front of her basement window when one of the 4x4s smashed into the railings.

I was washing up downstairs and suddenly the whole of the front part of the house seemed to be coming in on top of me. Every car in Moore Street seemed to have its alarm ringing.

Violet Pemberton-Pigott
Wrecked car on Moore Street SW3 Credit: Jonathan MacDonald

Police say the driver and passenger were treated in hospital for head injuries.

I was thinking he was dead - but he came out alive with blood all over his face. I asked if he was OK and he was in total shock but he kept on saying 'I was being chased, I was being chased!'


Residents say boy racers in supercars make their lives a misery each year.