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Waterloo Station's longest serving worker, Jeffery Fry, celebrates 58 years in the job

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Waterloo Station's longest serving worker ever is celebrating 58 years in the job.

Jeffery Fry advises commuters at the station and has been nominated for an award by National Rail, with his colleagues affectionately nicknaming him 'granddad' for his decades of service.

Jeffery Fry

Jeffery's highlight was waving to the Queen as she passed through Waterloo.

When she used to come up on the roadway she'd come up slowly. I thought I'd wave to her and that was it!

– Jeffery Fry

Jeffery Fry has worked at South Western Railways longer than anyone else earning him the enviable employee number 00001. He started off as a porter doing manual jobs

Six o'clock in the morning you had to get on the track - the big buffers - you had to wipe the old oil off and rub it nice and shiny. Then someone would come round and check it.

If it's not done properly you had to do it all again.

Every time


Now those hands are better used for pointing and greeting, the timetable of trains etched in his memory. And there have definitely been some perks to the job.

Ascot Races - if you met somebody, a jockey or a trainer they used to say back that horse.


One thing that's changed dramatically is train prices - from Waterloo to Portsmouth was seven shillings. Now, it's nearly £40.