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Essex family targeted by thieves for their sick daughter's medical equipment

Burglars have stolen thousands of pounds worth of items from the family home of four-year-old cancer patient Isla Caton.

Isla, from Hornchurch, is currently living near Barcelona where she has been receiving specialist treatment for a rare-form of neuroblastoma.

On Friday, the burglars broke in and stole the items including a mobility car, her buggy, a car seat, and a laptop.

A crowdfunding page has since been set up which has raised over £1,000.


We lost our pushchair and or baby seat, our laptop, our scooter. Inconvenience of having to call up England and having to sort out cars. Stuff we don't really need to be worrying about when we could be playing with Isla.

– Michael Hook

We had hospital the next morning - one of my friends here she had to take her but I didn't have a car seat so I couldn't get a taxi. I couldn't get on public transport because I didn't have a buggy and I didn't have a car. So I was literally stuck with nothing.

– Nicola Caton