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'Teach first aid at school', says former army captain who saved life of shot teenager

Richard Roberts was walking home after babysitting his niece when a teenager was shot twice on the street in front of him.

The former Army captain, who last used his first aid skills in Afghanistan, managed to stem the blood loss and save the teenager's life.

He says children in schools should be having basic first aid training as standard.

In the army, we're told about the 'Golden Hour'. To save a life you've got this magical golden hour that you need to assess the situation and secure the individual and then get the emergency services help.

I saw there were gunshot wounds to his right leg. I wanted to reduce the bleeding so I took off my belt and then tied it round above his knee just to try and close the wound and reduce the amount of bleeding.

– Richard Roberts, former Army captain

The attack happened at 10:30 at night while the victim was riding a bicycle. The perpetrators were grouped around a car.

I saw a flash of light in my peripheral vision and heard the noise of what I initially thought was a firework.

Then about a second-and-a-half later I hear another shot ring out and the victim on the bicycle crumpled to the floor in front of me about 25 metres.

All soldiers, especially in the infantry, and I think the military when they go on operations are taught immediate life-saving drills which, obviously, is now invaluable.

– Richard Roberts, former Army captain

It's not the first time we've heard about military techniques being used to treat victims of stabbings and shootings.

In April Gavin Williamson, who was Defence Secretary at the time, said a pen developed on the battlefield filled with a blood clotting drug could be put in schools community centres and carried by police officers and forst responders.

There could just be more encouragement for people to learn basic first aid at school as part of the curriculum.

– Richard Roberts, former Army captain

The victim was shot twice in the shin and thigh but he survived, not least because of Richard's informed actions.