Little Simz on her rapid rise to fame and hopes for the Mercury Music Prize

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Little Simz has been rapping since she was a schoolgirl in Islington. Now aged 25, she has released her third album and been nominated for a Mercury Music Prize.

Despite all her success so far, she raps about how she doesn't have all the answers and is trying to figure life out, just like everybody else.

I just feel like I made my best work yet. What inspired it was from quite a dark, negative space. So to be able to channel all my emotions through music and then have the outcomes be so positive if great. Getting into my mid 20s [inspired the album] and feeling like, what even is this? I don't have it all figured out. I don't have all the answers. I'm still trying to understand how this goes, just like everyone else.

Little Simz

In her song '101 FM' Little Simz talks about growing up in Islington, north London where she realised music would be an important part of her life.

I think when I got to 14 or 15 that's when I thought this is going to be my life now and music was at the forefront and I was super passionate about it and had a really loving family that encouraged me.

Little Simz

Little Simz also made her mark on the new series of Top Boy as single mum Shelley which means she's now juggling and acting and singing career.

The series tackles important issues including social exclusion, poverty immigration and mental health.

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Some of her songs tackle the same issues, such as 'Wounds'.

Lots of cuts. I know a lot of youth clubs are gone now and things like that were so important especially when I was growing up - that's where I would go after school to the youth club. If I didn't have that I probably wouldn't be doing this today. Just little thing like that have been taken away. We definitely need more of and people using their voices.

Little Simz