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Tube trains from the 1930s to be replaced by 1980s London trains on the Isle of Wight

The new Island Line trains served the District and East London lines in the 1980s Photo: South Western Railway

Where do Tube trains go to retire? The seaside of course!

The Island Line linking Shanklin to Rhyde on the Isle of Wight has operated with old Northern Line trains since they were shipped over on the ferry in 1967. Now they are retiring after 81 years service in the capital and on the Island.

The 1938 Tube trains are finally being retired Credit: Island Line

The old engines and carriages are being replaced by five refurbished trains which used to run on the District and East London Lines in the 1980s.

They have been kitted out with new electric motors, refitted interiors and Wi-Fi. Testing will start next summer.

These trains have diligently served passengers since 1938, coinciding with the first ever edition of the Beano and the maiden voyage of the record-setting Mallard steam train - so this upgrade is a long overdue boost.

– Chris Heaton-Harris MP, Rail MInister
The old Northern Line trains arrive on the Isle of Wight in 1967 Credit: South Western Railway
The first train being tested on the Island Line Credit: South Western Railway
The launch of the Island Line with the refurbished Northern Line trains Credit: South Western Railway
In 2000 one of the 1938 trains was repainted with original London Transport colours Credit: John Faulkner/IWSR Archive