Grenfell Uncovered: The Stay Put policy which left people trapped in their homes - why is it still in place?

As the flames started and spread up Grenfell Tower those living there were told to stay where they were. Even as smoke filled their flats and the heat melted windows and doors, still the fire service told residents not to leave.

A warning: Rags Martel's special report has images of the fire at Grenfell.

The reason? The policy known as 'Stay Put'. It's based on the theory that buildings are designed to stop fires spreading. At Grenfell Tower however it meant people became trapped.

The future of Stay Put is being scrutinised at the inquiry into the fire. And ITV News London understands that the first inquiry report is now finished and ready to be published within weeks.

But among survivors there is anger and disbelief that two years on from the fire there is no change in the advice you would be given if your tower block was on fire. Still you would be told to Stay Put.

The London Fire Brigade stand by the Stay Put policy.

The National Fire Chiefs Council, who are responsible for the policy, added:

The Grenfell Inquiry did not respond to our requests for a statement.