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Dozens of families in emergency accommodation after Finsbury Park flooding

Dozens of families stayed in emergency accommodation overnight after a water main flooded homes in Finsbury Park.

Residents had to be evacuated from their homes after the pipe ruptured on Queens Drive in Finsbury Park on Tuesday morning.

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Around 100 to 150 properties suffered either "external garden or internal water damage in the affected area.

London Fire Brigade said its crews were called to the junction of Queens Drive and Princess Crescent, shortly before 8am.

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My water didn't work when I went to grab a drink of water so I asked my housemates whether they had any issues - one of housemates left moments before it happened, it seemed.

Then I checked Twitter and saw one tweet about a flood on Queens Drive. I thought 'Oh, that's where we are'. I opened the balcony door and saw this river flowing down the road.

The school looks OK as it's on slightly higher ground, but residents around the area on ground floors are having issues, I think.

We are dry up on the fourth floor.

– Steve Stubbs, resident

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The fire service said an area measuring 600 by 200 metres had been flooded to a depth of around one metre.

Thames Water said the burst happened on one of its 36-inch wide pipes, resulting in other areas of north London losing their water supply, or experiencing low pressure, for "less than" four hours.

Hackney London Borough Council advised residents whose homes had been affected to go to the West Reservoir Water Sports Centre where staff would be available to support them.

The council said Parkwood Primary School on Queens Drive had been closed due to a lack of running water.

Abi Glover, 27, who lives in a first-floor flat at St John's Court in Queens Drive, told the PA news agency that the ground-floor properties in her building were "completely flooded".

We're really sorry to any customers affected by our burst main this morning.

Our top priority now, having stopped the water escaping and restored supplies back to normal, is to support those impacted by the flooding.

– Thames Water