These astonishing pictures show an enormous pile of illegal waste that's been growing in Mill Hill for months. People who live next to it are fed up.

We're only 30ft away from a residential development. All the residents are complaining to us saying they can't leave their windows open and there are lots of rats. It's just not nice. Nothing has really been done about it. We've spoken to the council. We've spoken to TfL. We've spoken to the mayor's office.

MARK WARREN, Mill Hill Litter Pickers
Credit: Clear Waste

Martin Montague runs an app, called Clear Waste, for people to report flytipping and get thousands of pictures sent every month from across the country. He says Mill Hill is the worst he has ever seen.

We've been all the way to the back of the site and there are bones, asbestos, oil cans. I think there is about 300 lorry loads in there.

Martin Montague, Clear Waste app
Credit: Clear Waste

Some of the rubbish is on private land. But some is on an area jointly owned by Transport for London and Highways England.

I started [asking for the rubbish to be cleared] in March/April. So we're talking six months now. Very little has been done.

Mark Warren, Mill Hill Litter Pickers

The fact it's owned by two separate groups shouldn't be an excuse for inaction so I can reassure people that now that I know about it I've made sure TfL have taken action and cleared up as soon as possible.

SADIQ KHAN, Mayor of London