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Climate change protestors block BBC offices

Climate change protestors scaled the BBC's Portland Place headquarters and blocked staff from entering or leaving the building.

The Extinction Rebellion activists demanded that the BBC devote more coverage to climate change.

Police cordon in front of protesters blocking the entrance to the BBC New Broadcasting House Credit: Yui Mok/PA

The latest action comes as a two week long climate change protest in London entered its fifth day. Metropolitan Police Chief Cressida Dick wrote in the Evening Standard that the force has had to withdraw from other areas of policing to deal with the protests.

For Londoners facing the impact of protests, this is no game.

We are not anti-­protest, but we are against them repeatedly breaking the law. So you will have seen our response has been extremely robust.

We have cleared the bridges and roads they have sought to block, we’ve dismantled their illegal camps, seized the infrastructure that they have sought to illegally block London up with - we’ve even seized a kitchen sink.

We have carefully unlocked, unglued and arrested those breaking the law, including taking down a protester from on top of an aeroplane. Their ‘going floppy’ tactics mean we need four officers to make these arrests and carry them off. When we clear one area they try to occupy another.

– Cressida Dick, Metropolitan Police Commissioner
A protestor in Trafalgar Square

Protests continue in Trafalgar Square, where arrests have been made.