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Rabbit abandoned in a box with a teddy bear for comfort

A rabbit was abandoned in a box by the side of the road with nothing but a teddy bear for comfort.

Credit: RSPCA

The lop eared rabbit, named Nigel by the RSPCA, was found in Turnham Road in Lewisham in a cardboard box which had been dumped by the side of the road.

He was spotted by a member of the public who brought him home and contacted the RSPCA.

This poor rabbit had been abandoned in a box in very cold conditions but luckily a kind member of the public spotted him and contacted us.

He’s quite a large rabbit and in good condition with no injuries or health concerns. He looked so sweet hopping around carrying his little teddy bear.

He’s clearly quite attached to the bear, so he must have been living in a home before this.

Sadly, we do see people abandon animals like this all too often. We know people’s circumstances can change which means they may no longer be able to care for their pet but there is never an excuse to abandon an animal this way.

No pet should be left out in the cold and vulnerable like this. Nigel was very lucky that he was found when he was.

– Lisa Miller, RSPCA

Anyone with information can contact the RSPCA appeal line on 0300 123 8018.