In one month's time the polls will be open and Londoners will be voting on who will be their next MP and ultimately who will be our next Prime Minister.

  • Berwick Street

Between now and then ITV News London will be taking the biggest issues of the campaign directly to you to see what you think. In the first of the series, Martel's Markets, Rags has been to Berwick Street market in Soho to see what traders and shoppers think of the main parties' pledges on the economy.

  • Tooting Market

After another week on the campaign trail, including the first head to head TV debate, do people trust the candidates vying for their votes? Rags has been to Tooting to find out.

  • Romford Market

Whoever wins the election top of the in tray will be Brexit. On average, 59% of Londoners voted to remain three years ago but in some areas the leave vote was much higher. Rags has been to Romford, which voted 69% to leave to see what they think now and what else they would put on the new Prime Minister's to do list.

  • Brick Lane Market

As the election approaches is there anything that can change voters' minds about who to vote for? Rags visited a vintage market on Brick Lane to find out.