Boris Johnson warmed up for tonight's ITV Debate in a boxing ring. He was also hoping to land an early blow on Labour with a new stop and search message aimed at anyone with a previous conviction for carrying a knife.

You will have a personalised Section 60 order over your head which means the police can stop and search you - just like that - because of your previous record.

Boris Johnson

Not far from the boxing club ITV News met two Manchester University students who will be glued to their screens.

Lucia, from Kent, supports Labour while Jake from London is a Conservative.

Lucia Caligaris-Adams Credit: ITV News
Jake Feeley Credit: ITV News

I am interested in what Boris Johnson has to say about climate change. I know that he has voted against measures to prevent climate change seven times in parliament.

Lucia Caligaris-Adams, student and Labour supporter

On the back of Boris's new battle bus it says 'Back Boris'. We've really been selling Boris Johnson in this campaign so he is absolutely at the epicentre of it and if we do lose it will be 100% down to him I believe.

Jake Feeley, Student and Conservative supporter

I am predicting that Corbyn is going to focus [in The ITV Debate] on the issues at hand, on Labour policies that he's planning to implement. And I'm actually expecting that Boris Johnson will resort to personal attack

Lucia Caligaris-Adams, student and Labour supporter

This election is so crucial I expect them to go full in to each other - not necessarily nasty at times but I'm expecting it to be pretty brutal, not in an unpleasant way.

Jake Feeley, Student and Conservative supporter
Jeremy Corbyn getting a haircut before the debate Credit: INSTAGRAM/@JEREMYCORBYN

TV debates like this can change he course of an election. In 2010 Nick Clegg against the odds outperformed David Cameron and Gordon Brown and ended up s Deputy Prime Minister.

But refusing to take part isn't an option - in 2017 Theresa May bottled it and lost her majority.

For Johnson and Corbyn it's a chance to win over the undecided.