Police are investigating after a customer in Wetherspoons ordered a banana using the pub's app and sent it to a black man's table.

Mark D'arcy-Smith was enjoying a Friday night out with friends in Bromley when the waiter arrived at their table with the unwelcome order.

Mark says he quickly realised is was some sort of racist abuse and asked for the manager's help to work out who sent it.

I looked around and realised it was really busy - I can't spot anyone. For that sort of thing to happen someone would have had to walk past the table and seen what the table number was to make the order. So I was looking if anyone was having a laugh but I thought it's too busy here I can't really do that.

Mark D'arcy-Smith

Unimpressed by the response of Wetherspoons staff Mark got in touch with the police.

I felt like where they [Wetherspoons] treated it like any other incident I felt that where it's racial abuse it should be taken more seriously. So I felt like where they weren't able to take the extra step that I might need to go to the police. So when I got home I decided to ring them up. I got an email back from them saying someone is going to be investigating the issue.

Mark D'arcy-Smith

Wetherspoons has apologised to Mark and acknowledged the distress caused. The pub added it could not be held responsible for app orders.

Mark says too many people still see the funny side of racist remarks and fail to see the serious impact it can also have on victims.