A friend of London Bridge terror attack victim Jack Merritt has posted a letter to him on social media addressing it to 'my darling boy'.

Hollie spoke about how Jack was 'completely golden' and 'quite simply the best thing'.

She also wrote about how the 'completely senseless' attack on London Bridge would never make sense.

Jack Merritt

In her letter Hollie writes:

I am so sad Jack. You were such a completely brilliant boy, you could have done anything, literally anything, but you chose to help others, you championed the underdog, you did all you could to get voices heard. Why would the world take such a wonderful person from us. I’m still struggling to put two words together. I walked by the river yesterday morning, the air was so fresh, it was the clearest of days but I couldn’t see anything, I couldn’t hear anything and everything reminded me of you. Your life had so much enjoyment in it, and you gave us all so much happiness. I’m so angry Jack. I can’t believe I got to call you my best mate, I can’t believe I got the privilege of your love, I can’t believe didn’t tell you enough. You were quite simply the best thing, completely golden and I will never let you be forgotten. My darling boy, my heart is broken. Jack Merritt you deserve the world.

Hollie, friend of Jack Merritt