Good Morning Britain's Alex Beresford confronts Sadiq Khan over knife crime in 'infested communities'

Good Morning Britain presenter Alex Beresford confronted London Mayor Sadiq Khan this morning over rising knife crime in Britain's 'infested communities'.

Alex spoke out after losing his cousin to knife crime earlier this year. Nathaniel Armstrong, 29, was attacked near his home in Fulham, south west London.

Mr Beresford said the impact of knife crime touched the lives of so many people.

Words can't describe what it's like to lose one of your cousins to knife crime. Unfortunately Nathaniel isn't the only person I know that has lost his life to knife crime. It cuts you so deep inside - literally. There's not a week that goes by where I don't walk around the streets of Britain these days where someone doesn't come up to me and say 'we're so sorry about what happened to your cousin - we're so glad you spoke out that day on Good Morning Britain - I wish it could change.

Alex Beresford, Good Morning Britain presenter
Sadiq Khan appearing on Good Morning Britain Credit: Good Morning Britain

The GMB weatherman said the mayor simply had to do more to stop the rising knife epidemic.

We've got young kids walking around with knives, carrying them out of fear. That's not an excuse to carry a knife but it is a reason for it. And it is because our communities are completely infested.

Alex Beresford, Good Morning Britain presenter

Sadiq Khan said tackling knife crime remained a top priority and promised to work with the new Prime Minister after the election.

Man carrying a knife Credit: PA

We've got to give young people hope - an alternative to joining a criminal gang and 'get rich quick' mentality. I've diverted business rates to invest in young people with the Young Londoners Fund. Businesses haven't complained - they welcome me diverting money from business rates to invest in young people. The buck stops with me it's not good enough for me to blame the government although they're responsible as well. I'm keen to work with the new Prime Minister whoever he is going to be.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London

A recent report warned being excluded from school is often the “tipping point” that leads to children picking up knives.

A group of MPs and peers said youngsters taken out of lessons are at risk of becoming involved in violence and being exploited by gangs.