Free online counter terror training offered to the public - will you sign up?

Free counter terrorism training is being made available to the public to teach them how to react to a major attack.

The training, which was devised by counter terrorism officers and security experts, was previously only available to staff working in crowded areas.

But Counter Terrorism Policing has now opened the training modules to people who want to become so-called "CT Citizens", so they can spot the signs of suspicious behaviour.

The National Police Chiefs' Council said the London Bridge terror attack on November 29 was a stark reminder of the "ongoing threat and the need for vigilance".

However, the NPCC said the decision to open the training to the public was not made in response to the attack, which left two people dead.

The online training is available from Monday and free to anyone who wants to take part.

Called ACT Awareness, it is made up of seven modules and takes 45 minutes complete.