Londoners face another council tax rise to boost police budget by £30m

Londoners are facing another council tax rise to pay for policing. Mayor Sadiq Khan is planning to raise his share of council tax bills by an average 12p a week from April 2020.

The extra cash will boost the Metropolitan Police Service budget by £30m.

But Mr Khan warned he could be forced to increase council tax bills even more if he fails to get additional funding for the police from the government.

Almost 140 Londoners have died in violence this year including two victims of terrorism.

'London's Violence Reducation Unit is leading our public-health approach to tackling the complex causes of crime and increasing the Unit's ongoing annual budget from £1.8m to £5m will allow it to invest in more projects and programmes to make crucial early interventions in a young person's life.' SADIQ KHAN, MAYOR OF LONDON

  • In April 2019 the mayor increased his share of council tax, known as the precept, by an average 50p a week

  • Council tax bills in London are made up of contributions to City Hall and the boroughs

  • The latest proposal means the mayor's annual take will rise from £320.51 to £326.92 for the average Band D household

Mr Khan also plans to allocate an additional £3.2m to City Hall's Violence Reducation Unit.