Two mothers who struggled to find decorations that reflected their families made their own range of black ornaments.

From angels to santas Natalie Duvall and Alison Burton want everyone to feel included in the magic of Christmas so from their homes in Croydon they started designing.

Last year I was looking for Christmas decorations of colour for my Christmas tree, I have two little girls, two little brown girls. And I literally just wanted to find a fairy, an angel, just anything to hang on my tree and I couldn't find anything.

NATALIE DUVALL, Co-founder, March Muses

When we were going through the design process and saw the reaction of our own daughters we just knew we were definitely onto something because they were like... 'they look like us! they're brown, it's a black santa!' And their excitement made us know definitely.

ALISON BURTON, Co-founder, March Muses

For their decorations Natalie and Alison looked at skin tone and hair and other features too.

They've named them after black people who have inspired them, including Angel Diana, named after Diana Ross.

We've even had people in America and Canada and Hawaii contact us and ask 'can you ship to us?'. Diversity and representation is really becoming such a big thing, it's at the forefront especially with social media so you're seeing it a lot more now. We saw a problem and instead of going on Twitter and complaining about it we decided to do something about it.

NATALIE DUVALL, Co-founder, March Muses

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