Teenager turns over £20,000 a week selling trainers to the stars

A teenager who left school at 16 is turning over up to £20,000 a week selling trainers to the rich and famous from his studio in Shoreditch.

Joe Franklin's passion for footwear began on his 12th birthday when he saved up for a pair of Nike Air Max 90s. Someone offered to snap them up for double the price so he sold them.

Joe now sells rare trainers to famous clients including Dizzee Rascal and AJ Tracey by appointment only. Sourced from collectors around the world some are sold for as much as £60,000.

The most expensive pair of trainers I sold was last year. It was a Back to the Future Nike Air Mags. You put the trainer on and they lace up. And that sold for £60,000.

Joe Franklin, Entrepreneur

Joe, who still lives with his parents in north London, says he sells a lot of trainers to people who just want to hang them on the wall.

I compare it to art. It's really exclusive and even some of my clients are buying it as art. They've got a wall in their house just full of trainers. It's just really exclusive. We have a lot of artists, DJs, music execs coming in all the time. Music and fashion goes hand in hand. It's usually hip hop artists, AJ Tracey, Dizzee Rascal, loads of different artists.

Joe Franklin, Entrepreneur

Joe uses his Instagram account @5upplied to showcase his exclusive footwear.

I like to think I'm doing OK. The money is great but it's mainly about building my relationship with my clients, especially long term. It's no good if I've got a rubbish relationship with my client, one trainer and they don't come back. I'll carry on doing what I'm doing and just expand from there really. School's finished! It finished a year ago because I couldn't fulfill the orders. Me being in college was restricting me from doing the orders and sourcing so many trainers.

Joe Franklin, Entrepreneur