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Destination Las Vegas! London's Singing Cabbie heading to the world-famous Strip

There's something very different about one of London's famous black cabs. Step inside for a trip with Aiden Kent and you'll be serenaded with a song or two during your trip round London.

Aiden Kent in his cab in central London Credit: ITV News

Better know as The Singing Cabbie Aiden takes booking for special occasions alongside his regular work as a cabbie.

"I've been a London cabbie for over 25 years and I was looking for something", said Aiden

When a passenger left some Frank Sinatra CDs in his car he started to listen.

Aiden has a Union Jack emblazoned on his cab Credit: ITV News

I was hooked! I thought this is what I want to do. I rang my wife up and I said 'you know I've been looking for something, well I've found it. I'm going to be a singer!' There was a pause on the phone and we've been divorced now for about four years!.

– Aiden Kent, The Singing Cabbie

Aiden has had such success that he's off to Las Vegas to do exactly the same on the strip.

Frank Sinatra actually bought a London cab in 1964. The story goes that he used to pick Dean Martin and Sammy Davis up from the airport in a black cab.

– Aiden Kent, The Singing Cabbie