Next, why are Londoners so bad at recycling and how can we be better?

The capital is worse than the rest of the UK recycling just 33% of our waste compared to a national average of around 42%. But London's Mayor has ambitious targets of 50% by 2025.

Lewisham has one of the country's lowest recycling rates but they have seen some recent improvements.

In the last two years we've increased our recycling rate by 58% and that's largely due to the fact we've introduced food recycling. That means a lot more food is being recycled and our overall recycling rate in going up.

Cllr Sophie McGeevor, Lewisham Cabinet Member, Environment

Across London people recycle just a third of household waste which is an increase of just 0.3% on the year before.

Newham is the worst area not just in London but in England with rates of just 17%. Bexley is the best at 54%.

There are many reasons why London struggles to recycle and the rules vary from borough-to-borough. Coffee cups are one of our many recycling problems because they can't be recycled normally.

Both the government and the mayor have huge ambitions to increase our recycling rates. It's a great ambition but a lot of it is outside their control because London boroughs are tied into long term contracts with businesses and they can't change the system quickly.

Trewin Restorick, CEO Hubbub