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One Pound Warriors: Celebrities back teenager's campaign to pay for friend's cancer treatment

Jonathan Ross and Steven Gerrard are among a string of celebrities backing a teenage girl's campaign to help her friend fight brain cancer.

Lily Wythe being treated for brain cancer

Lillie Cotgrove set up the One Pound Warriors Facebook page to encourage people to help fund Lily Wythe’s surgery in the United States.

Lily's family says treatment is not available in the UK and they need to raise £300,000 to cover medical expenses.

The tumour, called DIPG, affects the central nervous system and only 10% of children survive two years after being diagnosed.

Lily at home in Essex with her mother

We're very positive people. You believe everything is treatable. People die from cancer that's a well know thing. But we're aware some people react better to treatments than others.

When you're dealing with a paediatric brain tumour you just assume that they've got this covered. To find out they haven't it's devastating.

You leave the room thinking she's going to die.

– Diane Wythe, mother

Lily's mum is frustrated her daughter can't be treated on the NHS but after a surge in donations they're getting closer to their financial goal.

Nothing prepares you for any of this. We now face the realisation that our care free life is over and now we are caught up in hospital appointments, an entourage of doctors and consultants.

Life can change in an instant. No warning, no reason. Please share this page, donate if you can or just share our events.

– Diane Wythe, mother

It is just not acceptable that families who have loved ones affected by brain tumours are sent home and told to make memories. And that parents like the Wythes have to resort to trawling the internet to find clinical trials to try to keep their children alive.

We desperately need to increase the investment in research into brain tumours so that people don’t have to resort to raising hundreds of thousands of pounds to access treatment abroad. It’s only through research that we will find more effective treatments for brain tumour patients and ultimately a cure.

– Hugh Adams, Brain Tumour Research