1. ITV Report

Rise in knife crime and robberies in London

Knife crime offences and personal robberies in London both rose last year.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police show that there were 15,546 knife crime offences in the capital in 2019, compared to 14,680 the previous year.

A total of 36,995 personal robberies were recorded, up from 30,769 in 2018. The force has also seen a rise in the number of homicides, with 149 last year compared to 133 in 2018.

This was the highest total in a decade, and despite a drop nationally. Other crime types saw a drop, with the number of times lethal firearms were fired down from 434 in 2018 to 277 in 2019, knife crime with injury dropping from 4,384 to 3,976 and knife crime with injury involving victims under 25 going from 1,938 to 1,776.

Every single officer in the Metropolitan Police Service knows that tackling violence is their first priority. The public will see increased police activity as part of our 2020 push to drive down violence in all its forms. We know this is what matters most to Londoners.

– Assistant Commissioner Mark Simmons, Met Police