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Homes in Richmond left without gas for five days after water main burst

More than a thousand homes in Richmond have been without gas for five days after a water main burst.

The leak got into gas pipes which meant supplies had to be cut off in the TW9 area.

Distribution company Cadent says it needs to remove all the water before supplies can be reconnected.

We are pumping water out at lots of different points across a wide area.

As soon as we’re confident all the water is out from a particular street, or wider area, our engineers will start knocking on each door and do what they need to do to get your gas supply safely restored.

If this helps, we are currently finding that our pipes are clearer on the extremities of the affected area – and it is likely we’ll find we work our way from the outside in, because the largest volumes of water are most likely going to be towards the centre of the affected area.

– Cadent

Among those affected is celebrity chef Joe Wicks who had to boil a saucepan of water to have a wash.

Instagram/The Body Coach

People living in the affected area have been told not to try to switch their own supplies back on but instead wait for a engineer - many of whom have been brought in from across London.

Restaurant owner Eddie Shing had to turn customers away on what was meant to be a busy weekend celebrating Chinese New Year.

Eddie Shing in his restaurant in Richmond Credit: ITV News

I phoned up my neighbours who run a restaurant they said they had no gas so I knew it wasn't an isolated case.

I reported it and at the time I reported it they [Cadent] were not aware of the problem in the TW9 area.

The days that we didn't open and also when we started trading on Saturday because we had cancelled all the bookings for that evening and tried to revive some we probably lost around £4,500 [between Thursday and Saturday].

– Eddie Shing, Restaurant owner

Anyone needing further information can contact the customer team working from Richmond Hill Hotel, call on 0345 835 1111 or DM on social media to @CadentGasLtd